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This Week In Video Games 1/19/15 — 1/23/15

This Week In Video Games 1/19/15 — 1/23/15

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

The weekend is finally here and for those not at PAX South it is time to hunker down and play those sweet video games that we’ve been talking about all week. Or at least dig into those backlogs. I know I still have a huge backlog but Gat Out Of Hell and Saints Row IV are taking up a good chunk of that time. I need to get those whittled down so I can at least only have them in the background while I get ready to focus on titles like Dying Light and Life Is Strange. Hells, even Evolve though that is still a few more weeks away. This year has started out strong in the world of video games.

As is our usual here, we have a full recap of what we were able to cover this week for video games. This is for those on the run at PAX South and have a little time between panels and game demos as well as those engrossed in their video game play right now. We need to make it easier since time is a factor now and you need a nice quick way to find all those updates. That of course leads to a bit more time for those video games so we all win out. At least until next week explodes with more news to read and cover.

With that I leave you with this week’s list. Have fun playing those video games and happy gaming!

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