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H1Z1 Is Sony Entertainment Online’s New ‘Zombie MMO’

H1Z1 Is Sony Entertainment Online’s New ‘Zombie MMO’


The President of SOE, John Smedley, has brought the internet H1Z1; a new zombie survival MMO.

Welcome to Woodbury H1Z1, the new Zombie themed MMO straight out of Sony Online Entertainment. That is just what we all need in our lives right now huh? The only thing is that H1Z1 sounds like it is building off all of the other ‘zombie’ games and media out there to try and give us the experience we are all pining for apparently. Let’s dig into what we know so far to help better get a grasp on H1Z1.

First and foremost H1Z1 is going to be a free to play game based on the engine that powers Planetside 2. Unlike most other MMO titles out there, there will be no leveling or skills to progress through. From things I have read online the rumor has it that there will be a ‘leveling’ system of sorts linked to the vast crafting system in the game. Given the focus on this mechanic so far these ‘rumors’ seem a bit verified but nothing has come from the mouths of the developers so take that as you will.

Where will H1Z1 be set? For starters it will be in a Middle American city 15 years after the end of times has started. That is just for starters as there are claims to keep expanding H1Z1 to cover the entire United States filled with user created or altered content. All of these items are also not planned to be ‘instanced’ but live once they are built to the servers. This of course leads into the PvP aspect of the world where you can literately have your stuff burned to the ground if you don’t plan a head. As the President of SOE said, think along the lines of The Walking Dead setting and you can get the gist there.

Lastly, and this is interesting, is that there is a form of permanent death in H1Z1. It has been glossed over on the exactness of it, but if your toon dies in the game you ‘respawn’ but all of your gear is left on your old corpse. A corpse that is lootable by anyone in the game so most likely whoever killed you has most likely buggered off with all of your hard earned goods. Interesting, but I can see people going all Negan and Governor real quick which could lead to a lot of disgruntled players. But hey, it’ll be free for all the general content of H1Z1 so what does it matter?

If you want to find out more for H1Z1 you can look below for the screens and video released so far. Also check out h1z1.com and their sub reddit as it would seem that the developers are updating that before sending out any official press releases at the moment. I am sure that by the time you read this there will have been a multitude of new details released.