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Let’s Look At Frictional Games’ New Title, SOMA

Let’s Look At Frictional Games’ New Title, SOMA


If you like to hear about titles well in advance then do I have a title for you; SOMA. SOMA is the latest title to be announced from Frictional Games (Amnesia and Penumbra) and is slated for Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS4. It also happens to have a release window of…2015. If I had to throw a month out there I would probably go with October as this is survival horror title, but there is no real foundation in that. It is just me hypothesizing.

So what is SOMA? That is a good question. All we have right now is the below announcement/teaser trailer for the game and a very brief description: A game where you will “encounter a number of strange creatures, each an embodiment of an aspect of our themes.” What that means I am sure will be fleshed out in the coming years of development I am sure so we will have to just sit tight and wait.

The thing that is most exciting here though is that we have another new IP added to the list of a new console, the PS4. If I am not mistaken this would also be the first title from the studio that will be on a console and not just a PC. If that is correct, good on them for branching out and getting their games to more gamers. I know I for one am excited to see where the hells SOMA will be going, so to say. The trailer below has completely piqued my interest. Now to wait for more content and details to come flying out into the open.