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There Is A New Trailer For SOMA And I Am Still Lost…

There Is A New Trailer For SOMA And I Am Still Lost…


A new trailer for SOMA, A PS4 and PC horror title, has been released to the public showcasing a few environments and voice work.

Quite a while ago I brought you a look at SOMA in the form of a teaser trailer. It was bizarre, beautiful, and showed the sense of fear that Frictional Games has been known to bring all of us gamers in the past. Now we have a new trailer titled Theta from them to hopefully shed a little more light on what SOMA is all about. At least in terms of more than just another horror title coming out for PS4 and PC in 2015. Let’s have a fun little watch and hope it adds to what I thought was an amazing trailer.

So…how is the teaser trailer four times longer than this new trailer for SOMA? That isn’t an exaggeration there either. Shouldn’t the teasers be short and sweet? Or in SOMA‘s case short and leaving you with a sense of dread? That is if we are to compare this to all of the other titles in the developer’s library. Maybe I am just missing something. It could be me but most likely not.

We do get to see from SOMA in this little trailer though is that there will be beautifully long and creepy tunnels and hallways with a few abandoned laboratories. That and either some of the back story for SOMA or story that will be taking place during the game. From the sounds of it there is a new drug, chemical, process, or what have you that cause people to kill themselves instead of whatever the end goal is supposed to be. Interesting but I would have liked a bit more to work with on that.

Also worth noting is that this was all done with in-game footage, most likely on PC, to show off the detail in the levels. Not much is going on so we can’t really get a good feel for any level of detail but it looks nice and dark. I just wish there was more to go on than this little bit. Maybe sometime in the near future or E3. We can hope and just wait for more on SOMA.