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The Live Action Sunset Overdrive Trailer Isn’t Upon Us

The Live Action Sunset Overdrive Trailer Isn’t Upon Us

Sunset Overdrive

A new ‘live action’ trailer for Sunset Overdrive has been released for us to see…well…kind of

Well it looks like Sunset Overdrive now has a ‘live action’ trailer for everyone to pine over and lose their shit for. I don’t understand the point of live action trailers for video games but I guess if Microsoft and Insomniac want to waste the money you’ve given them over the years, then I guess we need to let them. You know, to make sure that we all know that Sunset Overdrive is coming to the Xbox One here in a month and we need to shell out more cash for them to have a larger budget for their next IP. So they can make another live action trailer for a virtual world game.

Can you tell that I have no love for live action trailers for video games yet?

Love them or hate them, we do have a new live action trailer for Sunset Overdrive. As is to be expected everyone involved was able to keep the look, feel, and humor that is going into Sunset Overdrive even though there is nothing really to show for it except a ridiculously long trailer for a game that people are already hyped up for. Hells, I’m even considering picking up an Xbox One just for Sunset Overdrive but this seems like a waste of time and effort to me.

I am also in the minority when it comes to things like this so I’ll let you be the judge here for Sunset Overdrive and the new live action trailer that has absolutely no new gameplay. Or really shows anything for the game to people who haven’t already pre-ordered Sunset Overdrive. I think the mark might have been missed unless Insomniac just had to burn through cash to use the budget they had.