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A Whole Lot More To Get Glued To Our Screens For Sunset Overdrive

A Whole Lot More To Get Glued To Our Screens For Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

A bunch of new screen shots for Sunset Overdrive have been released to show off some of the game’s areas and story

For all the grief, joking or not, that I have given Sunset Overdrive there is one thing I cannot deny; Sunset Overdrive looks like it is going to be one of a hellishly fun ride. That in itself sounds like a pun on the game but in all actuality Sunset Overdrive looks like the game most gamers and the internet has been wanting for years. Especially so after looking at the below screen shots that have been released from Insomniac Games and Microsoft for the Xbox One title.

I am sure that your eyes have already glanced down and have begun slowly taking in the new looks at Sunset Overdrive. If not then you are most likely seeing the awesomeness through osmosis and don’t even realize it as it will work in subconsciously and take control like the energy drink peddled in the game. No turning into crazed mutants though as I am pretty sure that most of the weapons used in game would break Home Land Security laws here and I would want to take you down if you transformed. That’s just the kind of person I am after all.

I know you are probably bitching silently to yourself that I am not bringing you any new information for Sunset Overdrive and just images for now. I’m sorry but the team working on Sunset Overdrive has been doing a better job of that than anyone out there as of late. So if these images just aren’t enough for you then you should check out Sunset TV and get all of your game updates you may have missed so far. There is just nothing we don’t know yet with these images although I could make things up if you really want me to…


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