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Have A Look At What Will Be In The Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition

Have A Look At What Will Be In The Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition


Just in case you needed another reason to pick up the Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition here’s a showcasing of the goods.

As gamers we sure do love our collector’s editions and the Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition is yet another one to add to the list. For just a bit more that the basic asking price you can get a bunch of other real world and virtual world goodies. In the case of the Vigilante Edition it would replace a few items I have lost recently do to “act of dog” which would completely make it worth the extra money. If only it was possible to find it as a non-European exclusive to pre-order right now.

Here’s a quick list of what comes in the Watch_Dogs box.

  • Collector’s Box
  • Aiden’s Hat
  • Aiden’s Vigilante Mask
  • Watch_Dogs Soundtrack
  • In game bonus perks

To be honest the only part of the Vigilante Edition for Watch_Dogs that has my interest piqued is the hat. Plain and simple I would drop the extra funds just for that so I could replace the one I lost. I am a huge fan of the logo for some reason and I am perfectly fine being a walking billboard with the hat. I sound like some crazed Team Fortress 2 player in real life right now don’t I? Bah to that I say.

In any instance, if you are still on the fence or want to see everything a bit more ‘up close’ here is a virtual unboxing video of the Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition. Only a few months now…