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Looks Like We Are Getting Kraven’s Help In The Amazing Spider Man 2

Looks Like We Are Getting Kraven’s Help In The Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2

The official announcement trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2 has been released to the public and it looks like it will be turning a Spider Man villain into an ally. Or is this a ruse?

We had a tease for The Amazing Spider Man 2 a little while back and the time has come where we get the full trailer for the game. Yes it is another film tie-in game but the previous game was actually quite decent given the usual lackluster experience these kinds of games usually provide. Hopefully we can expect the same with The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Well let’s take a look at the new trailer so we can see.

So first off it looks like Beenox is keeping the same graphics engine for the game. Still a bit ‘comicy’ and not too mind blowing which worked before. What I do find interesting is that they are tying in Kraven as an ally instead of a villain as he has been in every other Spider Man title he’s appeared in. Also, as this will probably link the film franchise similar as The Amazing Spider Man did I am guessing he may be playing a role in the upcoming film stories. Hells, he might be a minor role in The Amazing Spider Man 2 film that we just haven’t heard yet. Doubtful, but possible.

I do think that The Amazing Spider Man 2 does show potential as it is building from an already decent prior version but it could easily slip into the horrors of the Iron Man 2 game. Be it by design or on accident. It is also quite curious that Electro doesn’t look to be based of Jamie Foxx from the film. You’d think that they already have the character model from the CGI of the film so they wouldn’t need to rebuild if Mr. Foxx couldn’t or didn’t want to go through the process of the motion capture. Who knows though? I am still looking forward to the game and we’ll find out when it launches most likely next to the film’s release.

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