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Do We Have An Official Release Date For Batman: Arkham Knight?

Do We Have An Official Release Date For Batman: Arkham Knight?

Batman: Arkham Knight

A listing for Batman: Arkham Knight on the Microsoft Marketplace may have outed the new release date for the game

Let’s start this week off with a bang as we may have the new date for Batman: Arkham Knight via an accidental “leak” on the Microsoft Marketplace. If it is to be believed it looks like we will be driving around Gotham as soon as February 24th 2015. Only if the below listing, since removed from the site, is spot on with the date. It fits all of the criteria so it would be a bit weird if it wasn’t the new date. It is a Tuesday and in early 2015 which would fit how the delay was originally announced. Then again this could have easily just been a placeholder date to get the game in the system’s database.

As I mentioned before in my E3 impressions of Batman: Arkham Knight, from what I saw there was no real sign as to what the delay was really covering. Batman: Arkham Knight looked like it was ready for sale during the demo I saw. This just leads me to believe that this was just a delay to meet up with marketing teams and the exclusive content for specific consoles. That or some new hidden feature that has yet to be announced.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Release Date

Batman: Arkham Knight – Release Date

It looks like February is going to be one hell of a harsh month for gamer wallets and time if Batman: Arkham Knight is truly added to the list of huge AAA titles during that month. For the romantics in the gaming culture it works out that most are slated after the Hallmark holiday so there will be no needing to explain to your significant other why you need to play Batman: Arkham Knight instead of “date night”. I’m sure we will find out here soon if that is the case once Warner Bros. gives us the solid date and we don’t have to work just on speculation and hope that it wasn’t a place holder date.

Once we have further information on Batman: Arkham Knight‘s release we will update you ASAP. Please keep an eye out here for those updates.