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Play The Walking Dead For Real At Comic Con

Play The Walking Dead For Real At Comic Con

So by now you’ve most likely played Telltale’s The Walking Dead, read the comic or seen the show. If anything you at least are interested in the zombie apocalypse scenario. Well here is something that those interested in any of those things mention will find pretty damn awesome. If you are at San Diego Comic Con next week you will have the chance to actually play “the game” for real. The game being that of surviving in a world where the dead have escaped the Underworld and are coming for your flesh.

This isn’t some small obstacle course set up as fun for promotions either. The minds behind this have taken Petco Park and altered it into a huge obstacle course that could take about an hour to traverse for anyone willing to drop $70-$90. On top of that there will be one of the deadliest AIs out there hunting you, real people in full makeup and training. Well at least zombie training, but that is something.

So what is the whole point? Who cares? I see it as a live action version of the game we read about and watch on our TVs. Granted, I do have to say that in general the Comic Con crowd is not the ideal for obstacle courses but at least there are load of people who swear they can survive an apocalypse even though they fail at Rule 1 of Zombieland. But I guess we’ll see. At least they can either have proof one way or another if they can make it through without even a scratch.

To check out more on this “Live Action Game” head on over to the official site (http://www.thewalkingdeadescape.com). You can also still purchase passes to be a survivor or observer there as well as check out a basic overview of the obstacle course. I’ll be all over this during at least one day of SDCC, so keep tuned to see how it all plays out.