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rain Gets A Story Trailer… Kind Of…

rain Gets A Story Trailer… Kind Of…


Back in March we got a look at rain‘s game play. It was a bit confusing as to what the actual game is about besides an invisible boy running around trying to find/save an invisible girl while invisible monsters chase them and, presumably, try to kill them. I guess it is a good thing that there was a story trailer released to try and explain things a bit better. Let’s take a watch and see what rain is all about.

So it is still a story about a boy who is turned invisible and is trying to save an invisible girl in a world where it is always raining. Oh and there are “ghost” creatures trying to kill you along the way. How does this expand on the story of this art title at all? It is starting to look like Journey all over again; at least to me. Not that there is a problem with artist games, just don’t try and force a “story” when one isn’t really needed.

For those who came here looking for any new information on rain, I have you in mind here so here is another tidbit; there will be mud in the game and it will make you visible. In fact it will stay on the invisible boy until you make him walk through a deep puddle. That does add something to the game play but I doubt it will have much impact on the story that was being promoted with the above video.

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