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What Exactly Is Going On With rain?

What Exactly Is Going On With rain?


It’s been a bit since we have heard anything about rain hasn’t it? It was announced at Gamescom last year, but that’s bee about it since then hasn’t it? It would sure be great if we received some kind of update huh? You know things like, what the game is about and how does it handle?

Wait? What’s this? A new game play trailer fresh off the press from Sony? I’ll bite. Let’s see what all the hype was about for this next big title from Sony’s Japan Studio.

Ok… I’m still lost. Outside of that being a bit of the first level, what else can we salvage? It’s a story about a boy who is chasing an invisible girl through a world where they can be perceived only by walking in the rain. Outside of that it looks like we get to play the guessing game as to where the character is on screen. That is unless you run around knocking everything over just to get a feel for where you are. Oh, and also there happens to be monsters that only exist in the rain as well.

What I am guessing we are looking at here is the studio’s attempt at a “we are going the artistic route” kind of game. Something akin to Closure or Journey if we use only the above trailer as a basis for the overall game play of rain. This isn’t exactly a bad thing in my opinion, but there has to be some kind of function to the art to make the game worth playing. I’ll be honest, from what I just saw, rain doesn’t look to be more than a game that will be filled with amazing music and beautiful scenery but will play like one huge graphical glitch. I get that the point is that nothing in the ‘ghost’ realm exists when there is no rain, but forcing us to move the controller stick around like a spastic monkey just to find the next portion of rain seems like a flaw.

Who knows though? I could be way off on this, but that is what I’ve taken away from this new game play video. Hells, some of the information I have here isn’t from the video, but from text that accompanied the video from the PS Blog. What say you?