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The Release Date For Escape Dead Island Has Been Unraveled

The Release Date For Escape Dead Island Has Been Unraveled

Escape Dead Island

A new trailer for Escape Dead Island has been released from Fatshark and Deep Silver with a release date mixed in

It’s only been a few days now since we brought you a few new looks at Escape Dead Island. We pondered on the release date for the game and now it looks like we will all be getting to Escape Dead Island on our PS3, Xbox 360, or PC on November 18th. A little late for Halloween but that most likely means that Fatshark wasn’t being rushed to meet the horror month deadline for their new take on the Dead Island franchise. Not that we won’t be plagued with Zombies and Aliens already during that time.

To go along with the release date announcement is nice little trailer for Escape Dead Island. It confirms that Xian Mei is in the game in some aspect but, just like my speculation before, this new trailer doesn’t give us to what level of involvement the character will have during the adventures of Cliff. That sounds more and more like a Nickelodeon show every time I say that. Maybe I should stop and just focus on what Escape Dead Island is slated to bring us huh? I think I’ll just do that.

Hopefully you are all as excited for Escape Dead Island as I have been since its announcement and the gameplay that was shown during SDCC. It should be a blast, pun intended, to jump into the world of Dead Island with a non-immune character and tackle everything as a stealth game instead of high action. Don’t get me wrong I love the other versions of the game but I see Escape Dead Island being a great addition to the mix and now we will get to see it all this November. I can’t wait!