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This Week In Video Games 8/25/14 — 8/29/14

This Week In Video Games 8/25/14 — 8/29/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

PAX Prime is now in full swing and all of you fans of video games are finally getting a chance to play or look at your anticipated titles that will be coming out soon or in 2015. Hells you are also going to be at ground zero for when new IPs are announced much like the recently announced Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell from Deep Silver. It wouldn’t be a video games convention if it didn’t have all that fun stuff mixed in.

Unfortunately not everyone can make it out to PAX Prime and that is where we have stepped in. We have a long list of news for all things video games including some of the updates and activities of PAX. In fact if you look just a bit lower you can see all that news from the last week in a nice list order. All of the Escape Dead Island and The Evil Within news you can handle. There is also a bit on the recently announced multiplayer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also if you haven’t had a chance check out the Night Trap Kickstarter as we really need to get that game remade if nothing more than to celebrate the creation of the video games rating system; even though it is flawed.

I leave you to all that video game news for now. Hopefully all that are not at PAX this weekend can catch up on their backlog of video games and the news. As always, happy gaming.

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