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Time To Walkthrough All The Updates For The Gauntlet Reboot

Time To Walkthrough All The Updates For The Gauntlet Reboot


A new walkthrough trailer for Gauntlet has been released to show off all of the changes to the game since its early days in gaming

If you still Need Food Badly here then you should be excited to know that…oh wait…never mind… it looks like the release date for Gauntlet has been pushed back. You will still be waiting to get your “food badly” for a little bit longer as the game is now slated for a September 23rd release to let Arrowhead “fine-tune” the multiplayer experience for all those PC gamers out there. Sorry to get your hopes up and crush you a bit more as we now have to wait just a bit longer. At least it isn’t 2015. Am I right?

Don’t fret though as we also have a nice look at what is being refreshed for this iteration of Gauntlet. This includes all of the character bios and their upgrades and all of the new arenas we will all have to go all monster slayer on. There is also a bit of the story, if you didn’t know it already, and how everything has progressed to you and three others having to make it through each section in Gauntlet. All kinds of fun even though there is now a bit more of a wait.

I do find it pretty cool that now there are procedurally generated areas in Gauntlet to keep everyone on their toes but it looks like they are only “mazes” that have only one way to go to out run Death. Not really a maze if there is only one way to run but what you going to do right? It’s not like we can call them death runs and not mazes…

None the less, here is that new trailer to get us all excited for Gauntlet to launch on September 23rd now. I am a bit excited for it and I will see you all in the Gauntlet then.