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Rumor Mill: A Borderlands In-Between-Quel Is In The Works?

Rumor Mill: A Borderlands In-Between-Quel Is In The Works?


New rumors have cropped up that there will be a Borderlands title to gap the five years between the games.

Hey fans of Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Have you ever wondered what happened between both titles to take Handsome Jack the proper villain he is stated to be? Well if the new rumors from GamePointsNow are to be believed that is what e 2K Australia is cooking up for us with a Borderlands 2 prequel. I would argue that Borderlands would be the prequel to that game myself but for now we will use the name that is being reported Borderlands: The Pre-sequel.

All go into the nuts and bolts of what is being claimed in a second for this Borderlands in-between-quel but wasn’t 2K Australia supposed to not be the name used anymore? Are they not 2K Marin by name even though the location still exists? Maybe I am just reading too far into this 2010 news about the absorption into the 2K Marin moniker. Moving on.

So if the reports are to be believed Borderlands: The Pre-sequel is supposed to bridge the five year gap in the story between Borderlands 1 & 2 on the 360, PS3, and PC. It is also slated to take place on the moon of Elpis and the Hyperion moon base. It is also set during the awkward years of a nerdy programmer named John who would eventually become the famous Handsome Jack.

Who are we supposed to be playing in this Pre-sequel then? Well…

  • Athena: The Gladiator
  • Wilhelm: The Enforcer
  • Nisha: The Lawbringer
  • Fragtrap: The Militarized Claptrap

Also to add to the fun will be Laser weapons, a ‘cryo’ class of weapons, and low gravity because all moons have low gravity for some reason. Oh, also there is a supposed oxygen mechanic mixed in so we will have yet one more thing to loot from our fallen enemies. Not that we didn’t have enough time keeping track of health, ammo, shields, and everything else in Borderlands already but that is what has been reported on for this rumor.

Take all of this as you will but those reporting it, and their readers, seem extremely certain that this will be fully announced at the upcoming PAX here. We’ll see I guess but this doesn’t sound all that amazing to me for the next Borderlands title that is in the works outside of Tales From The Borderlands. But who knows right? This could be, as the commenters have stated, someone really breaking an embargo placed on them from Gearbox and 2K and all true. We’ll keep you updated as it develops.