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See The Enemies Of The Evil Within In A Darker Light

See The Enemies Of The Evil Within In A Darker Light

The Evil Within

A new video for The Evil Within has been released showing off the haunted and other enemies of the game and the best way to handle them

We’ve seen how we need to make every last bullet count in The Evil Within so now it is time for us to see why that will be the case. That is we get a good look at the Haunted and the Keeper that will be plaguing us as we try to unravel the mysteries of what is going on in Sebastian’s world here… Or head… Or whatever is going on in The Evil Within. I’m still not clear as to what Shinji Mikami has in store for all of us with the game but I know I can’t wait to dig into The Evil Within here on October 14th.

For all of you out there who want a little more substance to the gameplay of The Evil Within do know that there is a bit in there for you as well. In fact there is quite a bit of new information in terms of the crossbow that Sebastian will use in the game and how he makes all those wonderful toys he will be shooting. I had no clue that there was going to be a ‘cryo’ weapon in the mix here for The Evil Within but it is a welcome addition to the list for when we run out of bullets to kill the Haunted or to slow down the Keeper. Watch the video below and you’ll understand.

The Evil Within — Fight For Life


After watching the latest here for The Evil Within I am a bit curious if it will be explained how Sebastian will become a MacGyver when it comes to the crossbow though. I don’t think I know a single detective or police officer who has the skills or knowledge to build the crazy mechanics for these weapons. Not that it is out of the realm of possibilities; it just seems more in lines for an engineer and not a cop. Splitting hairs I know but I do hope that there is some form of expansion to add to everything in The Evil Within and not just another mechanic that feels out of place in the story.

None the less I am ready for The Evil Within to launch next week. Are you? Do you have high hopes or not? Let the universe know below.

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