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See The World Of Ruvik From The Evil Within

See The World Of Ruvik From The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The TGS trailer for The Evil Within has been released by Bethesda and Tango Gameworks and it is looking even more insane

It looks like we have a new trailer for The Evil Within straight out of the Tokyo Game Show and it actually manages to make the game look more intense than it already did. I didn’t think this was going to be possible given how amazingly freakish the game looks and sounds already but this new trailer is cut so perfectly that I can see the goal for Silent Hills coming to life here in The Evil Within. The whole needing a second pair of under garments to make it through the bulk of the game and all. You know what I’m talking about here.

I do feel like kicking myself before the announcement of the voice cast and not picking out Jackie Earle Haley before as Ruvik though. In other demos of The Evil Within I’ve heard small sound clips of the character talking but the monologue given near the end of this new trailer sounds straight from Nightmare On Elm Street; including the whole “this is my world” bit thrown in. Even if you hated the reboot film you cannot knock the V/O chops of Mr. Haley here. I have a feeling that others won’t be able to sit in the room while I try and survive The Evil Within.

I’ll stop singing the praises and excitement for The Evil Within now and let you get to watching. Outside of the little bits with Ruvik talking there are only flashes of new gameplay that has yet to be seen so if you’ve been spoiled so far you don’t need to worry about further spoiling. For everyone else, I think we’ve seen all that we have of The Evil Within until it launches on October 14th. I’m okay with this.

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