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This Week In Video Games 10/6/14 — 10/10/14

This Week In Video Games 10/6/14 — 10/10/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

That was another fun week in catching all the news for the video games industry was it not? I know I have a good time each we trying to cover everything that we can on the site. Even though we are in the mix of major title releases we still were able to cover more than just that. The Evil Within has been kind of dominating the video game news as of late but everything will be coming full circle for it next week and things will die down a bit. Pun intended if you can find one there.

As usual though we have a nice list of all the things we covered in the gaming industry. All those cool video games that we can look forward to or the new tech like RoomAlive that we can hopefully play Resident Evil 8 with. Wouldn’t that be a sight and an awesome step forward for video games? It totally would be. Hopefully we can see something the same at the PlayStation Experience that is taking place just before the end of the year here but who knows besides those powers that be.

Enough jerking around though. Here is all that video games news I’ve been talking about for this week. Enjoy and as always, happy gaming!

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