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This Week In Video Games 1/12/15 — 1/16/15

This Week In Video Games 1/12/15 — 1/16/15

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

There we go with the first real week of video games news. Loads and loads of new stuff and we were only able to cover so much, as usual. Evolve and Battlefield Hardline have been some of the bigger things but we can forget about the two new characters fully revealed for Mortal Kombat X and all of the horror titles we can look forward to in the near future. That being Until Dawn for the PS4 and the recently announced Friday The 13th title in the works. Like I said, a whole lot in the first real week of video games news.

On top of all of that, Dakota is back with the Economical PC builds for all your PC video Games and video editing needs. Let’s face it; you can use the same builds to play those video games as you can to make all your “Let’s Play” videos for YouTube. I only wish there was a build for an Economical 3D printer so we could get a life-size version of that Dying Light zombie in the office. One can dream and now you can look through all of the video games news that we had to cover for you as per our usual end of week recaps.

Happy gaming all and I hope those Evolve beta players have fun and find me online. See you next week!

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