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This Week In Video Games 12/1/14 — 12/5/14

This Week In Video Games 12/1/14 — 12/5/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

While technically this posting is a wrap up for what happened in the work week for video games, there is so much going on over the weekend that I’m going to use it for a springboard to cover The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience that will be kicking off shortly after you have finished reading what I am typing here. You may also have a bit of time to dig into some of the other gaming news we’ve had on the site over the week as well. If nothing else you can at least read through our review for Game Of Thrones — Iron From Ice while waiting or getting set up to watch the re-broadcasts of whatever you may want to see this weekend.

If you look just below our recap of the week in video games here you will see the streams for everything that is going on this weekend as well. You don’t ever need to leave this page until Monday to get all things going on in video games for now. That is at least when we should have all of our updates, thoughts, and impressions of what we were able to see over the weekend. There are a lot of video games listed to be shown off and we’ll do our damnedest to keep you up to date.

By now The Game Awards should have been starting if you are reading this on time. Go ahead and dig through all of the news for video games we covered. See you next week and happy gaming all!

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