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This Week In Video Games 12/15/14 — 12/19/14

This Week In Video Games 12/15/14 — 12/19/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

While others are letting the news for video games fall to the side lines or into the wastes, we are hard at work keep it all flowing for you. We’re going to be spending a lot more time here with our video games here in short time so we need to keep up to date with what will be coming once we have no time to play them all again. Isn’t this industry nice? With Evolve, Dying Light, and the Call Of Duty DLC coming you need to be reminded while trying to still enjoy #killallzombies or Grand Theft Auto V right? Of course you do.

We also know your time is precious as there are so many video games to keep our attentions elsewhere. So as usual we have all of the news and opinions that matter in the video games industry in a nice little list to make it simple for you. Not many other sites will do that for you, so you’re welcome. That and thank you for taking the time to read what we have to offer for you. We try to keep it all real and without any of the paid bull shit that others give you. Video games are meant to be fun and not full of bull shit and that’s how our news should really be.

Enough of that soap box stuff. Happy holidays y’all and enjoy all those video games you have or will be getting in the coming days. Happy gaming!

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