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This Week In Video Games 12/29/14 — 1/2/15

This Week In Video Games 12/29/14 — 1/2/15

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

Hopefully this will be the last of the slow weeks for video games here. At least in the news side of things. We do have CES rolling out here in under a week so we may get to see some of the great new gadgets, audio devices, and video displays that will impress us when we get to play Mortal Kombat X and The Witcher 3 later this year. We’ll be all over that next week for your reading and hopefully viewing pleasure. Until then, let us focus on those video games that we can look at now. Or at least read about now.

If there is one thing we can take away from this new year for video games, at least based on what was piped out there, Sony and PlayStation are really going to take care of their fans and customers. Also there is going to be a non-stop flow of zombies in video games as Resident Evil and Dying Light are all ready to go here in a few short weeks. Not to mention H1Z1 in just under two weeks now. At least for those PC gamers out there. Just hopefully we get more new IPs as well as well-deserved sequels to amazing franchises so we can cover them all as we do each week.

Now in the interest of keeping it short and sweet I’ll let you go to read everything we had this week in video games. Be ready to be bombarded next week with CES and moving forward. Happy gaming all!

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