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So The Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Announcement Has Been Leaked…

So The Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Announcement Has Been Leaked…

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The trailer for the upcoming Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been leaked spoiling the fun for Activision.

There always seems to be one shit head who wants to ruin the fun and this time it is for the new Call Of Duty game. Last night the trailer that was being teased all day yesterday popped up on line and officially announced Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I say officially as this prompted Activision and Sledgehammer Games to drop the new trailer three days in advance to not miss out on the hype train they were building. As the teaser site has yet to be updated I am still hopeful for something else to come out and drown out all that “May The 4th” bull shit that will now definitely be flooding over talk of the next Call Of Duty.

Enough on all of that for now. Let’s take a look at Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare that has been announced and slated for release on November 4th 2014. We’ll pick back up after the trailer.

So there we have it; Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare with Kevin Spacey. This also makes me so torn based off all of the hype from yesterday. Usually a big named actor is placed into something to help boost sales of a mediocre thing. It’s good marketing. That is tick number one. The performance given here and the attention to detail in his mannerisms as well as the other character movements is amazing but usually it is just a voice that is used and not a full likeness unless that is going to be a huge focus. Look at Beyond: Two Souls and the focus there.

Tick number two could be all based around the hardware but half of the visuals here don’t look as amazing as the teaser image that claimed “in-game.” Everything does look nice and all but this doesn’t show leaps and bounds for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare over Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Not as we were teased. Of course this is all based off the assumption of in-game teases and limitations that an Xbox One screen grab may have as compared to a PC’s. I will say that in this trailer there are some really pretty visuals in it but only a few scenes look like what was teased so far. Maybe this will change come May 4th.

The last tick I have here is more along the lines of the tech hype that others seem to be making after seeing this trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As others have propagated this leaked footage they also just pined over the hardware shown that we will get to use and claimed most of it still Sci-Fi. In the pursuit to be able to claim “First” they gloss over that some of this stuff is real or in prototype still. This is usually what I love about the Modern Warfare franchise and now Advanced Warfare; Sledgehammer has taken the time to research and in a way promote the new tech. Have a watch again and know that some of that is actually in use or in the final stages of testing. Really cool stuff.

I am still holding out for some amazing new stuff for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the coming days as well as the big stuff at E3 here. I hope that the star power isn’t just a gimmick and that it will accompany some form of advanced game mechanics as well. I also have a feeling that this was also the lower end of the visuals spectrum and the character models and everything will just look ten times better as we progress. Please prove me right Sledgehammer.