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Time To Buy A Murder Instrument For Far Cry 4

Time To Buy A Murder Instrument For Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

A new gameplay video for Far Cry 4 has been released from Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment to show off all the fun weapons in the game

Now that we’ve seen who we’ll be facing off against in Far Cry 4 I guess we should have a look at what and how we are going to defeat Pagan Min. Outside of just forcing our way in and hoping to win a slapping contest we are going to need some serious hardware. Nothing says “I Win” like using a flamethrower to slap someone in the face instead of your limp wrist-ed human hand. Am I right? Of course I am. Ubisoft and Red Storm both know this as well; that and it wouldn’t make Far Cry 4 much of a game without some badass hardware to get our crazy murder spree on with. That is why we have a nice, new, little video showing us what we can buy and/or be sold during the game in general.

In Far Cry 4 we are going to be able to look forward to all of the standard fare of guns as should have been assumed. This includes the previously joked about flamethrower in the mix but there are also a couple of interesting and new weapons just for Far Cry 4. The fully auto crossbow for one is a great addition that looks like it will be a load of fun even though the mechanics don’t make full sense when looking at it. I’m talking the reload aspect and not the fun/killing aspect. That should just be a given for a weapon like this.

On top of the physical hardware discussed here we also have a look at how the wildlife in the game can be weaponized for Far Cry 4. While they aren’t sharks with laser-beams on their heads it is interesting how they turned the animals into a grenade of sorts. Granted we will just be hucking chunks of meat at our enemies and then letting nature take its course but when it is boiled down these are just another form of grenade for Far Cry 4. So yea, it looks like there will be a cheetah or tiger grenade for us to use. If you don’t believe me have a look at the following video.

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