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This Week In Video Games 10/27/14 — 10/31/14

This Week In Video Games 10/27/14 — 10/31/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

Happy Halloween and happy end of the week in video games news. It’s time to get a butt load of candy, fatter, diabetes, and have some time to kick back and play some of our favorite video games of the horror theme. All of this is to lead into the next month where we get to do it all again. Of course this is mostly directed at all of those American readers here as most other countries don’t have the same holidays and look at us as the degenerate freaks that we are. Even if it isn’t proclaimed all over the internet in much of a public face. None the less we had some fun covering titles like Evolve and Resident Evil this week.

Also for those who will not be going out and begging for candy here in the States we have a whole plethora of other video games we covered this week and as usually we have a nice long list of everything for you to go through and pick through like the bags of candy kids are collecting tonight. If only they were video games and not candy then we would have a whole lot more to go over as we move from the horror month into the high action month for video games here. Just look at the titles and you’ll see what I mean there.

Here is everything we covered in video games this week. Have fun gaming and collecting all the candies if you live where Halloween is celebrated.

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