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This Week In Gaming 5/19/14 — 5/23/14

This Week In Gaming 5/19/14 — 5/23/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Gaming.

Now we are one more week closer to the gaming Mecca of E3 and there has been a whole lot of stuff that has hit the gaming news pipes. We have a good chunk of the major stuff you are looking for on the site to boot. Don’t believe me then you can go ahead and click through all of the things that we have covered or updated on this week in the world of gaming. As usual there will be a list of all the content we covered since last week. But first…to quickly sum up some of the stuff you may be looking at in gaming news

We’ve had a few good looks at Murdered: Soul Suspect including everything we need to know before it drops in two weeks. All much better than all the things of Destiny that we need to know before that game has even ended its development cycle. There was also a great tease and then announcement for the next episode of The Wolf Among Us. It looks like Bloody Mary will have a larger role this time around. Also, unless you want to glance over it all, we got some new gameplay footage for Batman: Arkham Knight and The Order: 1886. All of this just before E3 too. What are these gaming companies thinking?

I’ll let you go and pick and choose on what you want to read about in our wonderful world of gaming here. The full list is below as always. Happy gaming over your Memorial Day weekend. At least to all of us who celebrate that here in the States.

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